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  • Treat Your Muscles With Ease

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Treat Your Muscles With Ease

Quiet, Simple, it Works. Get Yours

There are over 650 muscles in a human body

Addsfit MAX allows you to treat up to 90% of your body, even super hard-to-reach spots on your back.

Treat Your Muscle with Ease

Our Enthusiasts Say

I cannot express the amount of relief I've gotten from this product. It is powerful enough to get into the deep tissues where my pain lives and release the tension therein

Arthur Smith

I suffer from some chronic pain due to a few ailments, and this has worked better than any prescription

Dana Rios

This is cool! My hubby has been on the look out for one of these but the ones he has wanted have been extremely expensive! This one works so well and is great for the price!

Hanna White

A Deep And Powerfull Massage

Targeted Massage Therapy

The average person sits for 12 HOURS a day. Addsfit MAX can provide a quick burst of muscle reactivation throughout your day, “waking up” all the muscles in your body.


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