Frequently Asked Questions


Below are the 7 things to look for when choosing the right massage gun: 

  1. Amplitude: The main difference of percussion and vibration massage is amplitude. In general, >10mm depth brings you percussion massage while vibration massage is ≤ 10mm.
  2. Speed: Adjustable speed is important as you may find different speeds feel better on different body parts and individual difference.
  3. Stroke Force: Stroke force also correlates with how "hard" the massage feels. People could get your customized options above according to sizes and athletic condition.
  4. Material: You need to figure out what the massage gun is made of, including the outer shell, head attachments, etc. Generally the outer shell correlates durability and working smoothness after long-term use. And, head attachments have direct contact with skin so it is vital if the material is skin-friendly.
  5. Attachments: You will have better experience using specific attachments on targeted muscle groups.
  6. Working Noise: If you would like to watch or listen to something at the same time. and the quietness is important to you, look for one that's under 40 decibels. addsfit deep tissue massage gun was tested to be under 39 decibels with a sound meter 30 cm away from it.
  7. Battery: It is great if the massage can work for a week after a single charge. 

addsfit massage guns are designed for people of various ages with different massage needs. Whether you are a fitness professional who prioritises recovery or you're just looking for a handy massager to relieve body pain, the addsfit massage gun is the perfect fit for you. There are also many more benefits of percussive and massage therapy for you to benefit from, including increased flexibility, improved mental relaxation, and more!


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