As a fitness enthusiast, I never got used to the muscle stiffness and being constantly tired after workouts. I’ve always liked to recover naturally which means I would usually live through the pain and inconvenience during the healing phase of my fitness routine. Then, a friend introduced me to a handheld massage tool that changed everything for me. I found myself using the massage tool after every one of my workouts and noticed that I slept better, moved better, and was feeling great. I love it and am excited about how it works! I’ve discovered that many people endure soreness and pain after vigorous workouts, even from their activities at their workplace. Most people deal with this kind of pain by going to a massage therapist which is expensive and time-consuming 

I made Addsfit because I wanted to create a line of products that enhance people’s health through proper muscle development and exercise. So I developed a family of massage devices designed for body therapy and muscle recovery. The Pace-1 is a complete massage therapy device that can be used anywhere – in your home, at the gym, while on vacation, etc. It mimics the touch of a considerate therapist, so people of all ages and all sizes can enjoy the best feeling wherever you are and whenever you want. We believe everyone can enhance their performance, speed up recovery, relieve physical soreness and feel better under the guide of Addsfit. Bring Addsfit into your daily routine. It will empower you to feel better and become healthier. 

addsfit Founder

Melon Ou, founder of Addsfit